Race Fuel Chocolate Mint Sprint

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“RaceFuel” is scientifically formulated to target the recovery of a racing driver. By doing

so it helps to increase a driver’s stamina, endurance and overall performance by

reducing the effects of muscle & nervous system fatigue. The electrolyte compound

targets fatigue in the key muscles, excessive sweat levels and a heart comparable to

that of a 100m sprinter. An extensive Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) formula

give you a significantly quicker recovery time, both between races and between

training sessions. A low carb, sugar and fat formulation gives you the opportunity to

get into the best shape of your life. In summary, nothing else on the market could

make you a faster driver. Race Fuel is scientifically formulated to aid in not just race

conditions but also in your training programme.



+ 25g of Protein Per Serving

+ Ready to Mix Protein Blend

+ Premium Quality

+ Athlete Endorsed

+ Added Electrolytes

+ Nutritionally Balanced and Low in Sugars, Carbs and Fat

+ BCAA Enriched

+ Exceptional Taste

+ Vegetarian Friendly

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